The Art of Storytelling in Social Media

Isn’t this the truth? The first true way to gather community was (and is) storytelling. Social interactions, education, training, passing on values and more come from the “social media” of stories and storytelling. We are just having some fun with a few Tshirt designs. Here’s the first in the series. You can pick up this version until September 9, 2013. After that, you can sign up for the update list when new shirts in the series get released.
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Ten Questions to Ask Your Stage Hypnotist

Top 10 questions to ask your hypnotist.

This is a list of questions for asking a hypnotist you want to hire/book for entertainment. Some of the questions are also appropriate for asking a hypnotherapist if you want hypnotherapy.

What kind of shows do you perform? (clean, family, adult etc.) Make sure that the Hypnotist can perform the appropriate show for your function?

What is your training?

Are you a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners or another recognized Hypnosis Organization?

Do you have a live show or some video that I can see to help us make our decision?

Do you have a performance guide that will help us see what kinds of things you offer?

Are you available on ____________________ (the date of your function) at ____________________ (the location of your function)?

Do you have insurance?

How long is your price quotation Valid?

What are the payment terms (deposits and balance owing)

What does the price include? Production (sound and lights) travel, hotel, meals etc.?

Reference letters / Client lists / Video vs seeing if you like the Hypnotist in person.

When it comes to reference letters and past client lists they can be a great indication of a successful hypnotist. I still put more stock in seeing video and/or a live show (where possible) to tell if you like what the hypnotist has to offer. Other people may like the show however you may not depending on the content of the hypnosis show. Some shows are family oriented, some are not.

Live shows are the best way to see if you like a Hypnotist, however, you may or may not be able to see the hypnotist live. Live previews are NOT the industry standard but are available in some cases. There may or may not be a public show in your area and many private functions don’t allow people to come view. If you can’t see your hypnotist live check out some of their video.

When you’re deciding on your hypnotist for entertainment you should be able to get some promotional material either on their website or they may send you some where you can see some video(s) of them performing. If they don’t have video in this day and age they most likely are either very new and inexperienced (ask them if they are new, they may still be good) or they’ve been around a very long time and their shows are word of mouth based (in which case you trust the person who told you to hire them), or they’re not very good and they’re hiding that fact from you.

Unless the hypnotist has been recommended to you, or you’ve seen them perform, ask to see a video. You wouldn’t buy a car without seeing it first would you?

If you like what you see in the video and everything else about the hypnotist checks out (see top 10 questions to ask a hypnotist), then book your show.

(Amazon: A Complete Course in Stage Hypnotism – A Beginners Guide)

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